About us

BOTTOMLINE MEDIA PVT LTD is a bespoke entertainment company and has strategically ventured into the Entertainment Industry. The company exhibits a unique business model that encompasses various verticals across platforms.

The company covers all facets of the entertainment world and strives to deliver fully integrated range of services to create value for its investments and partners through constant innovation.

Bottomline Media Pvt Ltd has created a niche by providing Brand Identity, Movie Marketing, Various Marketing Associations & Tie ups, Media Solutions & Talent Management services.

Our Strength lies in harnessing intelligence, talent, and experience to bring the competitive advantage to clients. Every Division is distinctive brand in its own right, each with its core strength and forte.

The company has successfully managed to make a huge mark in the Entertainment and Film industry within a few years of its existence because of our belief, positive thinking and perseverance. Our strong business ethics, dedication and hard work has enabled us to be one of the leading marketers for Bollywood / Hollywood Films and Brands.

Our expertise, hard work and dedication have helped us grow every day and reach the pedestal of being a renowned marketing & media firm that we are today.


To Inspire Ideas, Creativity and Innovation


To Create a Paradigm shift from conventional marketing and ideas into never explored, first of a kind and new platforms.


Brand Strategy, Movie Marketing, Sponsorships, Endorsements, Marketing consultancy, Brand Amplification Campaigns, Social Media

We provide our clients with not only unique and innovative media & production concepts, but also ensure that whatever we implement is measurable and offers the client and their respective brands great value.